Greek life at colleges and universities

Bradley University Greek life is booming at Bradley University, with 33 percent of the undergraduate population involved in one of the 27 fraternities or sororities on campus. Greeks have the opportunity to participate in many philanthropic opportunities as well as community events.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Currently, 46 national fraternity and sorority organizations support the toll-free number, which generates automatic email messages regarding hazing and sends them to the national headquarters directly from the National Anti-Hazing Hotline.

Before the Administration dicked Greek life over in regards to Raidergate, the Greek tailgates were a must on fall Saturdays. The two fraternities at Williams College were also soon introduced to another rival organization. During the fall, a combination a five to ten fraternities throw huge tailgates before headed to Beaver Stadium to watch tradition-laden Nittany Lions.

A survey conducted at Princeton University showed that white and higher income Princeton students are much more likely than other Princeton students to be in fraternities and sororities. Millsaps College With a rich history and tradition of Greek life and 64 percent of students engaged as such, Millsaps four sorority and six fraternity chapters shine bright.

Mizzou Greek life is bomb.

Top 9 Universities For Greek Life In The United States Of America

Hillsdale College Hillsdale College is a rigorous liberal arts school that was founded in Either way, they have a huge Greek scene and everyone seems to have a badass house. Ripon is just one of select colleges and universities nationwide to hold a Phi Beta Kappa chapter obtained inthe oldest and most prestigious national honor society.

At Furman, new students have a chance to look into which fraternity or sorority they are interested in with a deferred recruitment in January.

The link now leads to a cached version. Phi Beta Kappa in American Life: The university holds Greek chapters to a high standard, and over the past years has placed several chapters on suspension due to violations of the Student Code of Conduct; the Kappa Sigma chapter was restored to good standing at the beginning of fall semester With 70 buildings on acres, all situated amidst an orange grove on the north shore of Lake Hollingsworth, the campus provides a terrific setting for study and recreation.

Students participating in sororities and fraternities live in residence halls, not houses.

Fraternities and sororities

Inan anti-hazing hotline was set up to report incidents of hazing on college campuses. Lafayette College participates in the Order of Omega, a leadership honor society for fraternity and sorority members. BushGeorge H.

This honor is an excellent addition to Greek life at Lafayette College. Due to the need for secrecy during the early stages of the revolution, certain topics were considered controversial and could only be discussed in private.

Questions to consider might include, is greek life residential -- are there dedicated greek life houses or dorms for members, or are members fully integrated into the residential life of the college; is rush in the fall of freshman year, or deferred to second semester, or even until sophomore year.

Interested in greek life? These are the colleges and universities that have the most students in fraternities. Best Greek Life Colleges in California About this List Explore the colleges with the best Greek life ranking based on reviews from students and alumni.

Compare. This kind of Greek life is more common at large universities than small colleges. National Councils Many Greek houses are part of a larger national council, such as the National Pan-hellenic Council, the Interfraternity Council and the Multicultural Greek Council.

As a greek life review and ranking website, it is our goal to give students a real insight into the different sororities and fraternities on each university campus. Browse through our list of the universities below to start reviewing sorority and fraternity rankings.

School Name. Baker University sororities received the highest rating on Greek Life of any of the colleges on the list, with an percent rating. The positive impact that Greek chapters have on campus run deep, with fraternity and sorority members serving the campus and the community through various philanthropic efforts, as well as excelling academically, while supporting one another through the college experience.

Greek life at colleges and universities
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History of College Greek Life